Fire Service Brotherhood Reaches
Kapela and Kurt Wong in Seattle

A Union director from Seattle Local 27 contacted HFFA regarding a post we had shared for Brother Kurt Wong. Long story short, this union brother, a friend of HFFA but a complete stranger to Kurt, offered to provide a place for Kurt and Kapela to stay during her treatment. Needless to say, we were completely overwhelmed and astonished by the generosity, which is a fine example of brother helping brother, union helping union.

Seattle Local 27, like other locals in West Coast cities, has a special connection with us. Many of you may have lived in Washington State, or has Ohana that lived there, or had attended the universities there. Whatever the reason, the one connection that binds all HFFA members to our Mainland counterparts is our affiliation with the IAFF. It’s a brotherhood that never stops looking out for one another — just like family.

So, if you’re ever in Seattle, please visit Seattle IAFF Local 27 and tell them Mahalo for offering a helping hand to one of our own. Proud to be a part of this fire service brotherhood! @iaffllocal27


My name is Kurt Wong and I am a FF1 at Station 24. As you may/may not have heard, my wife Kapela Wong was recently re-diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) back in November.  We will be traveling and residing in Seattle for 4 months where she will be receiving further treatment for her condition.

At this time, I will be unable to fulfill my normal work schedule and would greatly appreciate any and all help that you are able to offer in covering my work schedule.

We are very humbled for all the prayers and Aloha that we have received. Kapela is in high spirits and is doing well at home. We are excited and nervous to continue this journey and are ready to kick cancer out.

A ”GoFundMe” account has been created to assist Kapela financially through this difficult time.  On behalf of Kapela and the Wong Ohana, we want to Mahalo everyone for the continuous love and support that we have received.

Mahalo nui,
Kurt and Kapela Wong

* * * * *

A Substitution List has been started

Shift Exchange for Brother Kurt Wong will allow him to be with Kapela during her treatment. Contact any Captain at Station 24 to sign up.

* * * * *

A GoFundMe account has been created for the
Wong Ohana to help with the financial burden

Any kokua is greatly appreciated.