HFFA Local 1463




Welcome to the exclusive home of the Hawaii Fire Fighters Association (HFFA), Local 1463, IAFF, AFL-CIO. We are the exclusive bargaining representative for Hawaii’s approximately 1,900 active-duty and 1,000 retired County and State fire fighters across our 50th State. Our members make up the Honolulu Fire Department, Kauai Fire Department, Maui County Department of Fire Control, Hawaii County Fire Department and the State of Hawaii Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Division.

Hawaii’s uniqueness presents public safety services with distinctive challenges throughout our State. The beauty of our mountains and beaches draws visitors’ interest and attention without the understanding of its hidden dangers. And because of our geographic isolation and not having the benefit of immediate mutual aid from other states in a time of crisis, we need to be self-sufficient and resourceful in meeting the level of service and protection that our island communities expect and deserve.

Protecting and enhancing our members’ rights, benefits and compensation is HFFA’s primary purpose. Hawaii’s cost-of-living continues to be one of the highest in the nation.  We continue to work hard to improve our members’ and their families’ quality of life through ongoing negotiations and fostering cooperative labor-management relationships.

One major goal of this website is to enhance HFFA’s efforts to keeping our members informed. It is through good communication that will allow us to keep working together as one, in one direction with goals focused on the common good for all. Keep moving forward and don’t look back!

We also welcome visitors to peruse our website.  We are proud of who we are and what we do and we take great pride in our commitment to helping our members, their families and the community.

The Fire Service in its totality is engrained with tradition and culture and Hawaii’s fire fighters and fire departments are no different. To our members, we will do our best to keep this website full of the latest and most current information available for you, just a fingertip away.  And to our visitors, we hope you find this website both interesting and informative, and if you have the chance, come and enjoy our islands, our hospitality and our home!

Stay Safe and Aloha,

Bobby Lee
Hawaii Fire Fighters Association