— Documents contained here are for HFFA members only —

HFFA MetLife & PEC Portals

HFFA members who have enrolled in the MetLife Group Benefit Plan can begin to access their accounts at these portals.

Contact PEC directly with questions about plans, coverages and more at [email protected].  This email is dedicated for HFFA member participants. The PEC Enrollment Services Team understands your shift work and will reply back with the best possible time to reach you by phone. For immediate assistance, you can always call PEC at 800-747-6009 during their office hours.

MetLife is your Plan Provider

File Claims at MetLife MyBenefits

Here you will file claims and check status of your claims.
REGISTER FIRST and create new login. Bookmark this page.


For assistance, call the MetLife Toll Free Numbers at (800) 438-6388 or (866) 626-3705

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MetLife Legal Plan

Use the same MetLife portal username and password to access the Legal Plan Program at https://www.legalplans.com/. Call (800) 821-6400 for assistance or email [email protected].

PEC is your Plan Administrator

PEC oversees enrollment and is the Point of Contact (POC) regarding member coverage, beneficiary updates, employment updates, personal updates etc. PEC acts as the equivalent of “HR” for the members who are signed up.

Find your Benefits Summary, plan certificates, benefit cost breakdown, review your personal and beneficiary information, access the Members Forms Library etc. You may also report Qualifying Life Events (QLE) with PEC.

REGISTER FIRST and create new login. Bookmark this page
Username:   Your SSN
Password/PIN:   Last 4 digits of SSN & last 2 digits of birth year
Example: SSN  123-45-6789, DOB 2000.   Password/PIN would be 678900

Contact PEC for information or assistance with plans and coverages at 1-800-747-6009, [email protected].

HFFA is the Group Policy Holder

Certificate Effective Date:  March 1, 2021
Group Policy Holder:  Hawaii Fire Fighters Association
Group Policy Number:  0231849

Oversees payroll deductions, works with PEC to initiate changes, ie, Qualifying Life Event (QLE) changes, death benefits, etc. Shares information via the members’ HFFA News and HFFA Website. Contact Tom Okimoto at [email protected] with questions on payroll deductions or death claim and benefits.

Contact Daisy Canite-Miyashiro at [email protected]  for assistance with website login, password resets, or to report issues.

Marcia Anton is the Broker

Marcia works closely with PEC and METLIFE and negotiates these benefits on behalf of HFFA. She will coordinate a meet-and-greet via Zoom with attorneys within the Hawaii network of the MetLife Legal Plan. Watch for Zoom meeting announcements.

Marcia can be reached at [email protected] and (808) 532-8586

We thank Marcia Anton of Anton Financial, Lisa Anderson and Allen Baker of Professional Enrollment Concepts (PEC) and Shaker Culpepper, MetLife Account Executive for putting together this HFFA Member Benefit.

Watch for the next open enrollment in February 2022. Mahalo for your support of your Union.

HFFA PEC Benefits Service Center
(800) 747-6009

Mon – Fri 4 am – 3 pm  |  Sat 5 – 11 am HST